10 Things I Learned at Blissdom Canada

I attended Blissdom right here in Toronto this weekend and I’m still trying to process everything that went on. I got a little crazy and booked a hotel room for both Friday and Saturday nights, with the full approval of Muppet, who figured he owed me a weekend of being a single dad for all those week days I am a single mom. I kissed everybody goodbye and hopped in a cab Friday evening, then off I went. Here are some things I learned at my first Blissdom:

1. Everybody is super duper nice. Like, almost strangely so. Maybe because it’s because I’m fairly new to blogging but I had no idea how warm and welcoming the experience would be for an unknown like me.

2. Free stuff is awesome. Nuff said.

3. Lynn of http://diaryofaturtlehead.wordpress.com/ is a Macarena goddess.

4. It’s difficult to answer questions about your skin care regimen when you haven’t had any coffee and it’s 8am.

5. It is possible to drink too much coffee, especially when Starbucks is shelling it out for free and the employees are so pumped about making you latte after latte

6. I am not a person who is good at coming up with clever costumes and I have intense envy of those who do.

7. It is very nice change to sit in a room where the use of smart phones and computers is encouraged at every possible opportunity.

8. I will never again go to a conference without kick ass business and/or personal cards. I was rather embarrassed.

9. It is possible to not eat a single vegetable or piece of fruit for two whole days and live to tell the tale (although I am paying the price now)

10. I will never miss another blogging conference in Toronto ever ever again.