Single Parent for a Week

Muppet left this morning, off for most of this week to L.A. on the company dime. He’s there for the big retail video gaming and electronics convention to help demonstrate the video game he just finished making, so it’s a week surrounded by what he loves and all his fellow geeks.  He hasn’t been there before, and the company sending him is kind of a big deal, so I’m really happy for him. I am less happy for myself, however.

You may recall my last post where I was waxing poetic about how this was really the Golden Years of parenting and how much easier and enjoyable my dear boys were blah blah blah. Yeah. I may have to rethink that one.

I already put one kid to bed in tears, weeping over how much he misses his Daddy and how he needs to come home RIGHT NOW. I made the dinner, but had to do all of the dishes and cleanup on my own. Had a massive battle with the tween over whether or not he was stinky (he was!!) and threatened him with no electronics until he bathed. The morning will be me rushing them out the door to school and I know the little guy is going to protest. He somehow thinks that school makes the days seem longer and if he could only just stay home, this week without his father would fly by. Riiiiiight.

Actually, I’m just being tired and crabby. What this post really amounts to is a salute to all of those single moms out there who do it all, by themselves, all the time. I know several of them and I know I will be thinking of them a lot this week as I do it all by myself.

I know that I will hit my groove by tomorrow night, but today I want to feel sorry for myself, just a little bit.

Actually, my wonderful girlfriend and neighbor just texted me and said that if I needed anything this week, to just say the word. She knows my favourite wine and has a hubby who can run out to the liquor store. This week may be okay after all.


One thought on “Single Parent for a Week

  1. Wow, does your husband have the best job ever, or what??? I’m envious :).

    Good luck this week – I like to call times like this Survival Mode, where the bare minimum of whatever gets done, and that is it. You will survive!

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