Plus Sized Fashion Crisis

So I’m having a bit of a fashion identity crisis lately. I’ve spent the last 7 1/2 years home with the kids and have been pretty much living in Old Navy jeans and shirts, which I do love because of their price and versatility. Problem is, I don’t seem to have any ‘grown up’ clothes anymore.

I have been trying very hard to be good about anything new that I am buying. Does it look nice and make me feel great? Is it not black or grey? But here’s where I am finding the dilemma. I am a plus sized woman but I am also 5’8″ tall, so I can get away with a lot of styles and shapes. If I could find them. I am not getting down on the amazing plus sized stores here in Toronto at all. They do have some fantastic clothes and when I find something that I love, I scoop it up (thank you Addition Elle fall line!). I just happen to be a bit hard to fit. Apparently, according to most plus sized clothing, my boobs are too small for my shoulders and my hips are too big for my top half. Oh, and my legs are too skinny for plus sized pants and  jeans.

Now, I happen to think that I have a perfectly lovely, curvy body which is well proportioned but clothing manufacturers would beg to disagree. Which drastically narrows down the number of clothes available to me. I have had one business suit in my life where the jacket and skirt both fit. It was like some kind of shopping miracle.

I think the solution would be to have my own personal designer and dresser. How expensive could that be? Anybody out there feel up to the task. All I’m asking for are clothes that fit me properly, are suitable for work and a night out, are not black or grey, do not make me look like a teenager or a matron, and are affordable. Shouldn’t be too difficult, should it?


5 thoughts on “Plus Sized Fashion Crisis

  1. Oh yes! The trouble that I find is that just because I’m “plus sized” doesn’t mean I don’t want to be sexy or feel sexy – which means that things CAN actually touch my body! I truly believe that plus sized designers should focus on good quality fabrics and good shape/fit. Start with the basics, and then get glam. NO MORE PRINTED POLYESTER PLS! 🙂

  2. Ugh, I feel your pain, Is there any woman out there who actually fits clothes off the rack? I’m also a pear shape, with my bottom half a size or two bigger than the top, which means dresses are just out.

    I’ve watched a fair bit of What Not To Wear and they are all about the tailoring. They talk about getting clothes to fit the widest part of you and then having them tailored. I’ve done this exactly twice because it’s time consuming, and expensive, and most importantly, I lack the fashion vision to see how good something might look with a little change here and there. But the two times I had it done it really paid off, I ended up with pants that actually fit me perfectly that I love, and a jacket that matches my shape.

    Good luck – it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad mall out there.

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