Man camping

Last weekend Muppet and his guy friends embarked on what we have come to call Man Camping. This was their second annual foray into packing up and heading north for a fall weekend. There was much manly excitement which involved buying copious amounts and forms of beef and googling recipes for homemade McDonald’s big Mac sauce. Viva puffs were bought, beer was purchased, and chips were packed with meticulous care.

Five guys, two tents two canoes, a few decks of cards and a whole lotta junk food. And the best part is that I don’t have to lift a finger to help. I only wish Muppet was that proactive when it came to doing stuff around the house!

This year they camped in unseasonably cold weather with tons of heavy rain and even some hail. The tent leaked and sleeping bags got soaked. A canoe got tipped and a camera went for a swim but they came back happy and smiling with lots of inside jokes and memories.

It’s so great to see guys bonding like that and even though my own little men were pretty bummed that they weren’t allowed to go, I know that one day their dad will take them and they can share in the bonding too.

I know that part of the reason they go is to get away from us women and our endless lists of chores and demands. I’m sure they moan about us when we’re not there to hear it. But you know what? That’s fine by me. I have a girlfriends cottage weekend every summer where we go to complain about our significant others and eat kale salad and fish without listening to everybody moan about it. Fair is fair and the guys deserve to decompress too.

And as for the kids and I, we are happy to stay home where it is warm and dry, order pizza and watch Back To the Future, then crawl into our cozy beds. It’s a type of bonding for us too, and I am going to enjoy these Man Camping weekends for as long as I can, until it is comes time for my sweet little boys to take their places as Man Campers themselves. And that is when I will start to spend that weekend once a year at the spa


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