My Fall Resolutions

The kids have just left for school and the house is quiet, except for the ceiling fan in the kitchen. It’s a dreary, muggy, sunless day in Toronto for the first day of school but the kids were buzzing with excitement from the minute they got up. Grade 2 and 5 means not a whole lot of transition this year. Same school, teachers they are familiar with by name and reputation, same length of school day. Everything will be familiar and welcoming to them today.

I am enjoying the quiet house with a cup of tea and some contemplation. I love the fall and a new school year always seemed like a fresh start and a clean slate for me more than the actual New Year ever did. So, this year I decided to mull over some of my fall resolutions while enjoying the sunless view of the jungle which used to be my backyard.

  1. Get my butt back to the gym so I don’t feel so woefully out of shape and tired.
  2. Teach the kids to make their own school lunches. This could actually take the better part of this school year considering the resistance that I will surely meet.
  3. Stop working from home in my pyjamas. Once in a while is a treat. Too often and it’s just sad and pathetic.
  4. Try to look at least a little fabulous every day (tied to the problem above).
  5. Rediscover my cooking mojo. I’m not sure where it went, but I need to get it back.
  6. Get Monkey to eat at least 2 new foods. He’s an extreme picky eater, so this is gonna take some patience and perseverance on my part.
  7. Attend at least one blogging or social media conference – Check! Signed up for Blissdom 2012 in Toronto this Octorber (anybody else out there attending?)
  8. Purge purge purge the crap that is in this house. Donate it. Sell it on kijijii and craigslist. I don’t care. Muppet never seems bothered by clutter and neither do the boys but I am the one running this show and I say the crap GOES.

Hmmm. I’m sure I’ll come up with more as my brain slowly wakes up this morning but for now… MORE TEA!!!


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