Confessions of an Adult Gleek

Maybe it’s just the circles I run with, but I tend to get funny looks when I confess to loving the show Glee. Maybe they’re surprised because I am a 40-something woman and they see it as a young adult show, or maybe they just don’t know what a geek I truly am in real life, but I have watched it religiously since it aired.

I mean, come on. I was raised in a small city in Ontario. I always wanted to move away to the big city. I looooove Broadway musicals and show tunes. I adore pop music and dancing. I was even in a drum and bugle corps, which you’ll have to trust me, was about as understood and respected as being in a glee club. I had a close group of friends who were in drum corps with me and we felt like outsiders, which is why we are still friends today. If Glee had been around when I was 16, I would have been the biggest fangirl out there.

I am still a geek at heart. I still love pop music and dancing and show tunes. I find the endless covers of populard music, past and present, gives me such joy and never fails to bring a smile to my face. Cover version of Tom Jones? Bring it on! Paradise By the Dashboard Light? I was in heaven! Plus I hope I don’t sound like a dirty old lady but Darren Criss is pretty easy on the eyes.

My kids don’t watch much night-time television but Mini Me has sat down and watched at least parts of Glee with me a couple of times. I want him to get the message that good friends love you no matter what, that you can be who you really are and find acceptance, and that it is important to be there for your friends when they are going through hard times. I cried when Burt Hummel gave his son “The Talk” and if either of my boys comes to me and says they are gay, I will probably try to recite it verbatim to them. I love the show’s message of inclusion and acceptance.

So, if my friends want to give me funny looks I’m fine with that. I have the season premier marked on my calendar and I’m counting the days. I am a Gleek and proud.


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