What I Learned This Summer

If you borrow a tent to go camping, make sure your friends gave you all the parts, especially the roof.

Mint grows like a weed and takes over your entire garden when you are not looking. The solution is to find a good mint iced tea recipe and become hopelessly addicted

Summer camps are worth every penny that you pay for them

I am not made for 35 degree weather or any kind of humidity. My ancestors are from England and Scotland. Heat tolerance is not in my DNA

I actually look pretty good in a strapless maxi dress

My kids will play Minecraft until their eyes fall out if I let them

I am much easier to live with when there is central air conditioning available

No matter how much my kids grumble about being signed up for summer camp, they end up loving it

Seven year olds can teach themselves to swim over the course of an afternoon

My kids are old enough that I can leave them alone long enough to run out for some groceries and they will not kill each other or themselves

Tween boys smell really really bad if they don’t shower enough

Tween boys don’t shower enough unless you threaten to take away their computer priviledges

Family camping trips are both fun and exhausting

I am a city girl who would appreciate having electricity on site next time she goes camping

I am not self conscious wearing a bathing suit in public anymore.

Next summer, the kids will be signed up for more camps

I love my kids, but I am very very glad that they are returning to school on Tuesday.





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