Is Back To School Shopping A “Girl Thing”?

We’re in our last week of summer holidays FINALLY. I don’t mean to sound mean, but my kids really really need to be back in a classroom. Summer camps are over and family camping is done, they are staying up waaay too late and they are bored. They won’t admit it but they miss their friends from school and the routine of being busy and stimulated every day. And I miss being able to hear myself think when I’m desperately trying to get some work done (I work from home).

They both need new backpacks and I was thinking that we should probably head over to our local mall today to scope out the selection. My suggestion was met with a real lack of enthusiasm and a request for a stop at the Tim Hortons by the mall. Which got me thinking…

The kids have been bombarded with back to school ads for the last few weeks but I haven’t heard a peep about what they want or need. Hmmm. Could they be immune? All of my friends are talking about how their kids have been fretting over the perfect outfit for a week now, searching for the ideal backpack, clamouring for haircuts. Oh. Wait. Those are all my friends with girls.

Which got me thinking some more. Is the whole ‘back to school’ shopping frenzy really just a ‘girl thing’? Do most boys even care what they look like when they return to school after a summer off? I am talking about pre-teens here because I think it’s safe to assume most teenagers are fairly self-conscious about the first day back at school and are looking to make a good impression – girls and boys. But I don’t know a single boy in the 10 and under set who gives a flying fart about what he wears on the first day of school.

Is the whole ‘back to school’ phenomenon just another indication of how we have made our girls so obsessed with beauty and attractiveness? They are told that they need new outfits, they need to look cool, they need to make a good first impression. They will be judged. Or do I just have two fashion challenged boys on my hands and I’m reading too much into it. What do you all think?

I will tell you what we came home from the mall with, though. Mini Me got a backpack after sitting there and having me root through the racks of them, shoving each one at him until he approved of one finally. And Monkey, he got a pale yellow long-sleeved button down dress shirt with a clip on blue tie because he can wear it to look like Bruce Banner when he plays Incredible Hulk. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Is Back To School Shopping A “Girl Thing”?

  1. Ha! My kids HATE the shopping part. They don’t want to pick anything out, they don’t want to drive around, they don’t want to look at sales racks. They were stoked when their school started uniforms and I bought everything they needed in 10 minutes online. All they had to do was decide what colors they wanted. They do, however, enjoy shoe shopping. Because a good pair of shoes makes you run faster. They try on shoes, both feet and then dash through the store finding the fastest ones. Boys.

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