Another Reason to be Grateful I Have Boys

My sister called on Thursday and said that apparently there was a One Direction pop up store appearing in Toronto at 9am on Saturday. My niece and her friend were dying to go. For those of you who are unfamiliar with One Direction, see below.

My niece is 14. Need I say more?

So they decided to make the drive to Toronto on Friday afternoon, sleep over, and then head out at 6am on Saturday to line up for the grand opening of this One Direction store – AT 9AM!!

Now, I fully admit to being a teenaged hormonal girl once upon a time. I may have had quite a ‘thing’ for Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran for a in the ’80s (yes, I know, he looks like a drag queen by today’s standards but in the ’80s this was HOT).

I’m sure if I was 14, I would find the guys in One Direction absolutely dreamy instead of wanting to pinch their cheeks and make sure they eat their veggies like I do now. My problem isn’t with the band itself. My problem is with the blatant marketing machines of the music  industry which prefabricate bands based on looks and foist them on hormonal girls who are guaranteed, through research and marketing savvy, to eat them up.

I know this isn’t a new phenomenon. The Monkees were a band created just this way back in the ’60s, but it is sad to see how far the music industry is veering away from actual talent and towards flashy marketing and quick fortunes.

This pop up store is just that: a store, full of One Directions merchandise from wristbands to dolls (which you can only buy as a $150 set indicentally). None of the guys from the band were there for the ‘Grand Opening.’ Just hundreds of semi hysterical teens and pre-teens who were there for no other reason than to buy $30 t-shirts and other similarly overpriced merchandise with the likenesses of their idols emblazoned on them. My niece and her girlfriend loved every second of it though, and I have to say that my sister is a better woman than I am because I am not sure I would have dragged my butt out of bed at 5am for an overpriced, hormone driven, shopping spree. Instead, I slept in until 9 and refereed the remaining 4 boys playing video games.


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