Must Own Addition Elle Fall 2012 Collection!!

I opened my mailbox today and lo and behold, what awaited me made my heart go all aflutter. It was the fall 2012 Lookbook from Addition Elle and it would seem that almost every piece in there was tailor made to make me one happy happy girl. I don’t know about you, but I find that there are some seasons that I just don’t want to buy a stitch of clothing because the prevalent styles or colours just aren’t ‘me.’ The whole empire waist, tie behind the back blouse and dress phenomenon was a good example of that. No woman who wears a size 16, is over 40 and has given birth (twice) needs a shirt or dress that makes her look pregnant. What could be less flattering than a blouse that ties right under your boobs and puffs out over your stomach? Seriously?

So, when I opened the Lookbook and saw this…

I mean WOW. I can totally rock this look. I have been looking for several years for a pencil skirt of any description and then this year, it’s like my wardrobe prayers have been answered.

Then I flip a couple of pages and find another!

I wonder if I can find out which day these items will be delivered to the store nearest me so that I can camp out and beat off other shoppers with a stick if need be. Hmmm.



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