City Girl Goes Camping Day 1

Well, the van is packed but we’re still sitting here, almost 3 hours late leaving because one member of our party had to work this morning and of course this would be the day that there was an emergency that would keep her there until it is resolved. So, Muppet and his brother have set out to fetch the kids some Happy Meals to keep them placated while the geriatric dogs have been left in my care. So far, the stinky one is comfortably ensconced on the couch, but the old lady is wandering around my kitchen and dining room scarfing back every crumb she finds on the floor. Oops. Should have been more dilligent about sweeping up last night’s popcorn. Oh, and she ate about 1/2 cup of cat kibble before I noticed. I hope this doesn’t come back to haunt us. My feelings so far about this trip…

Ah, Muppet. Sometimes it’s like he can read my mind. Oh, and the giant monkey head belongs to the body of a giant stuffed monkey named Rolley who is apparently going to come with us and sit next to my own Monkey on the trip. Le sigh. I’m signing off before the guys return and find me bitching. More updates late.


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