Camping Countdown and More Renovations

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Supplies have been bought. Things are packed. The forecast is calling for rain not only tomorrow afternoon, but all day Sunday. I picked up those goofy rain capes from the dollar store as well as extra tarps. Maybe I should get a couple of extra bottles of wine too. Hmmm.

Of course, because we have apparently lost our minds, we were not only planning for a camping trip this week but also doing renovations on the upstairs bathroom, which I mentioned in a previous post. This led to two nights and three days without an upstairs toilet which isn’t the end of the world, but still kinda sucked when I had to pee in the middle of the night and had to stumble downstairs by the light of my iphone. The resulting tile is quite lovely, I think…







The toilet is now in as well, after two emergency trips to the Home Depot and a lot of time making sure it wasn’t going to wobble around whenever anybody sat on it (unlike the toilet downstairs, but that one is next on the list). Now we’ll have to see how many weeks it takes before the baseboards and room dividing door jam thingy get put back into place. Completing household jobs isn’t one of Muppet’s talents.

To add to the insanity, we got a new dishwasher this week. Of course, this meant taking out the old dishwasher which has been in place for 7 years. The underneath was not a pretty sight.







No picture could accurately portray the horror that is under that dishwasher. Goopy, caked on crud plus a lovely retrospective of the 5 layers (minimum) of peel and stick/linolium tiles that lay under our current kitchen flooring. As an added bonus, Home Depot said they were taking away the old washer but then it turned out they actually weren’t, so we disconnected the old one for no reason today when we could have been focussing solely on the hell that is packing for a camping trip. This left me washing all the dishes by hand today, while packing and trying to placate an over-tired 7 year old who kept insisting he was ‘bored.’

Making Rice Krispie squares helped with the boredom for a while, and then I selflessley and out of nothing but pure motherly love offered to lay down on his bed with him for a while if he thought he would like to take a nap. HE WENT FOR IT!!!! I tried not to squeal with glee as we made our way up the stairs and curled up into his cozy bed. I got a glorious half hour nap out of the arrangement before the constant buzzing of my phone drove me downstairs and back to packing. I hope my plan can take all the texts that were going back and forth today. “Are you bringing tin foil?” “Who is buying the hamburger buns?” “”Oh god, we almost forgot about the marshmallows!”

I am now about to settle down for what I hope is a peaceful night of slumber in my comfortable bed. We leave around noon tomorrow and will converge at the campsite. Five adults, 6 excited kids, one teenager who is freaking out about being away from social media for 3 days, and two geriatric Jack Russels, one of whom is totally deaf and has breath that could peel the bark from a tree. Yep, gonna pack more wine. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Camping Countdown and More Renovations

  1. Good luck, your last paragraph made me crack up. Pack wine, lots and lots of wine. Dog halitosis is the worst, my sister’s old and cranky chihuahua mix has no teeth and the worst old man breath ever. Hope your trip has only good memories :).

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