Iced Tea Ecstasy

So, I am a bit of a caffeine addict. At times in my life, I have been on the hard stuff (coffee), but I have managed to wean myself off for the most part and now I am mostly drinking black tea to the tune of about 4 big cups a day. Which is fine and all, until the disgusting heat and humidity hits and you would rather sell your own children to the circus than do absolutely ANYTHING that makes you sweat even more than you already are. Entrer Iced Tea Ecstasy!!

Honestly, I must be a little slow on the uptake because it has taken me this long to even think about switching my steamy beverage for its sweet, icy counterpart. Maybe its because I absolutely loathe any kind of store bought iced tea. I also had a couple of bad experiences in the States with their nasty, unsweetened versions. So, when I came across this recipe on this blog, I had to give it a whirl…

All I can say is OH MY GOD, I AM SOOOO HOOKED. Here is a picture of it brewing away on my stovetop with mint picked fresh from my garden…








The only thing I would add to the original recipe is that I used Tetley Dark tea bags, which is a richer, stronger tea. But, I am not a minimalist, so I like my iced tea strong, sweet and very minty. I put about 20 mint leaves in there and it leaves you with a nice fresh aftertaste. I also probably put more than one lemon’s worth of juice in there but to each his or her own.

And here is the finished product, ready to be enjoyed. Have I mentioned that photography isn’t my strong suit? ENJOY!!


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