Bad Days and Good Mornings

Yesterday was definitely one of those days when I felt like just running away from home. Not for any really good reason. It’s not like the kids were being particularly horrible or my partner particularly annoying. Nothing went really wrong.


Do you ever have one of those days where everything seems to just catch up with you? I fully admit that I woke up crabby. I had enough sleep and the kids were quiet this morning, so there was really no excuse for it, but there I was, Grumpy Mummy, and no amount of caffeine seemed to fix it.

I looked around at my cluttered, messy house and felt stressed. Then, the cat barfed on one of the living room chairs and the second one turned out to have fleas. The 7 year old started making demands about breakfast and the dishes from the night before still hadn’t been washed. Muppet decided to catch up on all the sleep he had been missing the previous week of working late and stayed in bed until noon and Mini Me was glued to the couch and laptop, barely grunting acknowledgements of my existence.

I spent a glamorous Sunday tidying the house, while Monkey alternated between playing outside and throwing tantrums because his friends wouldn’t listen to his brilliant ideas for starting an art club in our driveway. Muppet left in the late afternoon for a ‘guys’ night’ at his friends place and I was left with two grumpy children and an even grumpier me. It did not go well.

Suffice it to say that by bedtime, I had Mini Me in tears because I was ‘too rough’ washing his hair for him (which I absolutely should not have been doing anyway because he’s TEN ) and Monkey was in tears because I didn’t cuddle him enough during his last tantrum, which apparently meant I hated him. Sigh.

I went to bed crabby and woke up unwilling to decide on my mood until I had at least some caffeine in me. So, I sat down and started to look at some blogs and, lo and behold, there were other moms out there who had a crappy Sunday too. It made me smile to know that I wasn’t alone and it made me realize that the power of blogging is that you can always find somebody to identify with, whether they’re in your city or halfway around the world.

It made me realize that I did the right thing by going back to this blog because maybe somebody out there will read my post and identify with me and what I’m writing, even if it’s just about my crappy mood on a sunny Sunday. And maybe I will make them feel a little bit better too.


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