Too Much ‘Plus Size’ Not Enough ‘Fashion’

I always have mixed feelings about plus sized fashion. I find that there’s still way to much ‘plus size’ and just not enough fashion. Not that I’m any kind of fashionista by any means, but I am trying to keep up appearances.

With two kids, a mortgage in Toronto, and being a stay-at-home mum, I really need to look for deals where I can find them. I will fully acknowledge that I am one of those lucky women who can ‘walk the fence’ between so-called standard and plus sizes, so I can find clothing in stores like Old Navy which carry a size 16/18 while my slightly curvier friends can’t even walk in the door unless they’re shopping for scarves or earrings. But when it comes to nicer quality clothes, business, formal or (gasp) swimsuits, I am at as much of a loss as any gal who wears over a size 12/14.

I know that the plus sized clothing market is opening up, but I am finding that in Canada, we still have such a long way to go and while there are many fantastic online retailers which I promise to talk about in later posts, I am hesitant about ordering my clothes online. It’s not that I don’t embrace cyber-shopping. (Online booksellers can vouch for me there),  it’s just that when I think about how many pieces of clothing I have to try on before I can find one that fits, the idea of having to ship clothing to my house for the privilege of trying them on seems daunting. I want to spend an hour in a store and try on a dozen possibilities just like my less curvy friends.

So I want to use this blog to feature some of those great plus sized finds which make me hopeful that someday a size 6 and a size 26 woman will have the same access to great clothing. But, because I am also a born critic, I am going to call out some plus sized fashion crimes. Let’s go…

Kudos to MXM at Addition Elle for these two fantastic outfits for spring 2011

I mean, how awesome is this? Can’t you just imagine going out dancing or for a night out on the town? The shirt is long enough to hide any problem areas around the waist and it balances nicely the skinny leg of the pants. Of course, Iwould probably kill myself if I tried to go out in those shoes, but maybe some slightly less death-defying wedges?

And best of all, this is a silhouette that you see everywhere this season.  It’s just adapted for us curvier gals. Bravo.

Now this one I love because it’s sexy without being clingy. For a figure like mine which is thicker at the waist, but with long legs, this is a great look. I also like the fact that I don’t need to have an undergarment dilemma to wear this top. You can wear a bra with straps and you’re good to go. And those skinny jeans or leggings cling like a second skin while still look incredibly comfy and moveable. Very very nice.


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